Wednesday, February 3, 2010

I had a dream the night before last, and I forgot to blog about it. Oh darn. Well, I remember it starting off with me at a sort of amusement park type place, full of animatronic pink dinosaurs and whatnot. Before I could get on a ride, my friend urged me to come with her in her car so we could eat at a restaurant for dinner, but we had to catch out train, first. She began zooming towards the train terminal (this was all indoors, by the way... and she can't drive), but she had accidentally driven too far. Luckily, she was able to somehow maneuver her way backwards through random twists and turns to get to the train on time. When my friend and I arrived at the uber-modern restaurant, I somehow received a video message from a creepy stalker guy. I don't remember what he said, but I do recall having it freak me out quite a bit. In the next part of my dream, I was suddenly in Manhattan, searching for Times Square. I was all alone, but I wound up finding it without any trouble and without having a panic attack from being totally alone. It was still decorated for Christmas. I think that was the end of my dream interlude.

Last night, I had a dream, but it was very fuzzy. I vaugley remember being at my school, but it was way bigger and had a pool and a play gym of some sort. I was bouncing around in the play gym for a lot of my dream, I think. I then came out from the play gym and saw a rather hot guy from my school come out from the pool area without a shirt on (I don't know why on earth I dreamed that up). For whatever reason, I particularly noticed two freckles on the side of his torso.
After I came out of the school, I feel like I was suddenly transported into an episode of CSI. However, there were no murders or anything-- instead, someone had stolen a precious vase and someone had vandalized the inside of my school with spray paint. I was suddenly on the side of a road, with the stolen vase standing upright in the very middle of it. Before I could run to to save it from the oncoming traffic, a truck zoomed by and smashed it into thousands of tiny pieces. All I could remember thinking was how difficult it would be to try and find fingerprints on it.

I feel like there was more to my dream, but I can't remember it. Oh well, I hope it will come to me eventually.


  1. that sounds funny! the amusement park bit but not the stalker O.o , and for the other 1 i had one like it awhile back we had an elevator and like a club/arcade where the gym w/ supposed to be, i didn't like it -_- but yours sounds fun ^-^ i'm listening to The Swellers!

  2. left you an award Love!