Thursday, January 28, 2010

Well, I had a dream last night...

My family and I were driving around a nearby town around 2 in the morning. Every time we'd see an ice cream parlor, we'd excitedly run in and ask a tired-looking girl who was usually cleaning the counters or something if they had any ice cream. We were told each time that it was too late and the store was closed.
One particular thing I noticed about this dream was that my family and I were incredibly happy. The closed ice cream stores didn't put us down for a second, and we piled into the car laughing every time after we attempted to get ice cream from the closed stores. It was nice.


  1. hey! i came here from candy's blog. apparently i was laughing a little too-yours was ahead by a min- much to not noticed i clicked your name, okay so i noticed but i was a little worried what i clicked on the keybored... hehe i have probs i know :)
    this is an awesome idea, i had a journal but that didn't work out so good.
    i had a dream like the last 1 u posted, but it was my friend we were 20(?) and it was a famous person?!?

  2. ^^ haha thank you... candy's blog is awesome, no? :D

  3. That's a little odd. Even though I know it's nice when everyone is actually happy, and everything, I still find that a little creepy...
    But I sadly find myself turning somewhat goth, so don't listen to me at all. ;-)