Sunday, January 24, 2010

Dreams, dreams, dreams. They're odd things. I could never figure out what they're about if I devoted my entire life to them. They're where the restrictions of reality no longer apply, but feel so real at the same time. Odds are, they're just collaborations of random thoughts cluttered in one's mind. But I don't like to think of anything as random.

Truthfully, I sleep a lot. And I dream a lot. So... I've decided to keep a dream log. Here we go...

I have had so many recurring dreams in either the same setting, or the same thing happens. For one, I dream a lot of going to a mall. But not the familiar mall that I usually go to, but a large and confusing one I've never seen before. Either that or a huge house I've never been to before. I also (don't laugh) pretty often have dreams of being half naked in public. Like I forget to put my pants on or something, and then realize upon coming to school that it's a taboo to not wear pants or a shirt in public.

I really wish that my dreams were a little more enlightening or had a ton of symbolic meaning in them, but they are usually some, uh, not meaningful stuff. I mean, the mall?

Onto the logging, now. Well... the night before last night I dreamed that I was somehow eight months pregnant. Embarrassingly enough, the presumed father was from my school. "Are they sure I'm the mother?" I asked him. Obviously, this was an incredibly stupid question to ask him. But I was very concerned with trying to remember how I had formally met him, or when I had slept with him. I had absolutley no idea how any of this was possible.
He shrugged. "The DNA test says so."
I then embraced him tightly in a hug. The jacket he was wearing felt soft. "I think you need to care more than you do."
I was then fast-forwarded into watching some sort of messed-up horror movie. Some unknown entity was destroying a girl's family. There was fire everywhere. Something picked up a baby and tossed it into a dishwasher and took the little girl's brother's head and thrusted it onto one of the dishwashing racks. I remember turning away before I saw the blood. I know, right... death by dishwasher?
After watching this "movie" I began to dream that I was climbing an incredibly steep mountain covered in snow. I then turned around to see that there was a Panda Express restaurant at the bottom of the mountain, and for whatever reason, I desperately wanted to go there. I began to cautiously walk towards it, afraid of falling down the mountain. I don't think I ever made it there, but I do remember sliding down the rest of the mountain on my stomach like a penguin. At this point I think I was awakened by my younger brother yelling downstairs.

Now, last night I had dreamed a very brief story that I wasn't involved in at all. A man had been set up on a blind date with a woman that he didn't really like that much. He ended up sleeping with her anyway and getting her pregnant (what's with me and pregnant people?). When he realized that he would be a total jerk for leaving her, he stayed with her. They then lived happily ever after with their little accident baby.
I then remember being at a relatively small Bath and Body Works store in an enormous mall. I suppose it was around Halloween because they were selling things like pumpkin-scented soaps and hand lotions and ghost-shaped marshmallow peeps. The marshmallow peeps were free samples, so I took one. Or two. Or possibly quite a few more than that. After getting nasty looks from the people working there, I caved in and bought a few. After walking around the mall a little, I came across a boy in my grade. He had an evil look on his face so I asked him what was up.
"We're going to play a game. We're going to have to find money to pay for our wedding, but we're going to steal the money right out of their pockets."
I began to panic a little. I didn't want to steal money from anyone. So I decided that I could write mini apology letters on perfume sample cards for the people whose pockets we stole from.
I was then suddenly at a large mansion-type house packed with people and countless nick-nacks littered everywhere. I felt like I was running away from someone, but I wasn't sure who. I remember finding secret passages in the walls and crawling into them, trying helplessly to escape from whoever was chasing me. I think he or she caught me. Before I could even process what happened, I was jolted into my next dream interlude. It may or may not have been a part of the previous dream, but I usually figure that all of my dreams in one night are connected somehow. I was sneaking glances at a rather good-looking boy from my school at a party me and my friend were at. He then angrily came over and handed me a large sheet of paper. On it was a letter written in magic marker. The letter said how it made him sad and angry to see us looking at him and laughing. He thought that we were making fun of him. "I'm going to start cutting myself," it said in the letter at one point. I then wrote on the back, "I'm sorry to hear that you're going to become an emo person because we think you're hot."
In my next dream I was on a sunny beach. I had finally become comfortable enough with my body to wear a bikini. For some strange reason, I thought that it was acceptable to change in the middle of the beach and even leave my top off for a little bit. When I saw people begin to stare at me, I became overwhelmingly embarrassed and attempted to pull the rest of my bathing suit on. The bathing suit ended up being uncomfortable and way too small.

And that's pretty much it. Don't you worry, I'll probably be back tomorrow morning for more. :]

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