Saturday, March 6, 2010

I had a few interesting dreams last night.
In the first one, I was going on a car trip. Someone told the guy I like to come, and he had agreed to tag along. I was naturally excited, but I soon realized that up close we was nothing like I thought he was. He had this odd smirk plastered on his face the whole time and he certainly wasn't as good-looking as I though he was. After a while, my mom and I got out of the car. We were near a saltwater marsh, and there were hundreds of beautiful dark blue mussel shells sticking out of the water, each one about a foot and a half in diameter, their "mouths" agape. I came close enough to touch one, and when I did, it slowly closed its open shell. The most fascinating thing, though, was that each one was surrounded by stunning purple and pink and white crystal formations.
Next, I think I was at a hotel. Wherever it was, it was very colorful and modern-looking, but it was very dark at the same time (not metaphorically, I mean the lights were all very dim). I saw one of my close guy friends in the hallway and he suddenly blurted out to me, "I like you a lot, and I don't know what to do about it." I suddenly felt my chest tighten, and I wasn't sure how to react. Before I could, though, I had already moved on to another dream.
It was summertime at my house, and everything was full of life. The trees (which are currently bare) were lush and green and were teeming with all sorts of beautiful and colorful insects. Thousands of beautiful butterflies flew across the lawn. It was wonderful.
However, everywhere besides my lawn was covered in snow and was dark, like there was a spotlight on my house or something, and the rest of the world was pitch black. I suddenly saw several shadowy figures dash down the road to my neighbor's house, and I had decided in my dream that the owner of the house had recently passed away, although I know the family that currently lives there is alive and well. Without thinking, I began to run after them, which made them run even faster. When I had reached my neighbor's house, everything inside in a wreck. The windows had been smashed in and everything was scattered around. I began screaming at the intruders. "You can't just take his stuff! You think you can just take a dead guy's stuff? Get out!" I guess that was enough to scare them, and they scrambled off.

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  1. Wow that's a lot of dreams- i have them too, but yours really jumps to different places.